SQL 2008 r2 behind a Cisco ASA5510

I need to access a SQL 2008 R2 which is behind a Cisco ASA5510. What ports need to be opened to allow this. I have tried 1433 and 1434 with no luck
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Not only do you need to open up a port inbound on your firewall but you will need a static NAT entry from that port to your server for any data to get through.
if you have a default instance 1433 should be enough.  Make sure you also open the windows firewall port.

If it is a named instance, then the port is random and you need to configure it to listen on a specific port using this article:

then make sure that port is open in the router and the windows firewall.
Ron-mdsAuthor Commented:
Not sure what named instance means but i looked at the configuration for tcp/ip ip1..1p6 and ipall the all say active yes enabled no port 1433. Seems if you connect when on a VPN it will connect but from not on a VPN will no connect
Ron-mdsAuthor Commented:
I will give this a try in the morning... thanks
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