ios application broadcasting

i want to make like this application
this is a free application ,

1- fetch news from main website ( server )
2- notification when this application get new news from the server side

how i can do like this ?

this is not RSS

try to download it and see the features of this application
get news from web server
and notify users about it
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Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
I think you should first enroll in iOS development program (costs 99$)
You can also call them and ask to get support.
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
I think you will be luckier if you increase the points.
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
plz if someone can help me to do like this application ?
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AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
ok thank you very much hope some of expert reply to my question :)
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
To create this application you need a wide range of knowledge. Especially if you are going to create the server application by yourself. If so you need PHP, ASP.NET or C++ with socket programming experience to implement the server side application. Secondly for the client side application which is an iOS application, beside experience in developing ordinary apps with Objective-C in Xcode you need to do some SOAP or socket programming to communicate with the server to retrieve the necessary data. For the notifications you need Push Notifications which should be implemented mostly on your dedicated server and a bit on the client side.

Now you may tell the level of your expertise and experience in each of these subjects so we can have a more clear idea then decide where to start from.
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
PHP i am good :) and in curl system an scrapping this application work with push notification system . about iOS i don\t anything about it i know C language

i don't know how to start i want to make a page interface where i can send notification to all client who install this applicationn

the problem i have read something abou APNS PHP and i want to know before cleint receive notificcation from php web server the device should be registered in my server

for this reason who the device token will be automaticly registerd in php web server when user install my desired application ??

i want when he open the application he will subscribe to my notification msg
if we have a sample code it will be good bcz the other side of this application i can make it as php by adding web list view and i select the url of news.. on my server where the client see new using php jquery.. implementation but the problem with push notification
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
Thanks to Ray Wanderlich for his admirable tutorial on Push Notifications:

By reading this 2-part tutorial you will get a clear idea of different aspects of Push Notifications then you might choose the best strategy for your project.

To learn programming in Objective-C and Xcode there exist a huge number of resources but I suggest:
1- Stanford's iPhone Development Course video trainings on iTunes U
2- Ray Wanderlich's tutorials to speed up beginning iPhone Development:
AFIF JABADOAuthor Commented:
ok thank you for ur link but i have a problem ... and ur answer will be ok i have create an apple id but i can\t create Making the App ID and SSL certificate

when i enter to

Access denied

You do not have access to the page you requested.

Return to the iOS Dev Center

i have already login i should pay ? to get access to this feature ?
and my problem how i can automaticly register my device token ????
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