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the database performance problem

some users informed us that the database Sales access is very slow and the timeout errors come up..when we check the server cpu and ram usage on this server, there seems to be normal but we can not find where the problem is located so could you please explain how to perform a database performans check or a tuning
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This is a very subjective question for now. There could be numerous of reasons why the database is not responding well

You should start by narowwing down the possibilities.

Start with identifying the queries/objects, in database that can be the cause of this delay. I assume you have a front end app that basically uses this database. If so, try to find the forms/interfaces on that app which are taking longer than usual. Then analyze the database objects including tables and stored procedure or sql queries being used to query the relevant tables.

You can use Sql profiler to identify the sql batches that are taking time. Then you can use Query Execution plans in Sql Server Management Studio to help you give a more detailed picture of exactly what could be taking time in each query.

But even before you get into this stuff, try to see if your sql server is responding? This can checked by trying to connect to the concerned sql server using a sql server management studio on a different machine.

if not, probably some network latency may be causing the delay.

Let me know if you need more help.
Ramesh Babu VavillaCommented:
1) check for blockings on the database
2) check for missing indexes,
3) in dex fragementation usinG DBCC SHOWCONTIG
4)LOCKS ON the database using sp_lock
TRocexAuthor Commented:
thanks so much for your great information but I am not experience in Sql server so I think I dont know how to find and apply feedbacks you say..could you please send me a document or detailed information?
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Exchange Server

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This is a one stop shop for all that Microsoft suggests for optimizing Sql Server performance.


Alternatively, you can use the following links

This one will help you optimize the stored procedures


This is another good article to refer to

TRocexAuthor Commented:
I would like to ask how to check the missing index and what to do after finding missing index?
You can use Sql Server Index Tuning Wizard from within the Sql Server Management Studio

It will suggests what indexes can be created. You can then create those indexes
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