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Hello all.  I have a worksation that will not boot running Windows 7.  Not a problem, I am just going to wipe and reload Windows.  However, I need to gather the Office key from the damaged OS before I do.  I've used the Jelly Bean key finder in the past, but that requires that the OS boot.  Anyone have a suggestion?  Possibly a PE environment that supports this?
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If you look at http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/ you'll see jellybean won't recover Office 2010 keys, anyway. When the company that owns it now bought it, they removed that function from the free version and put it in the commercial RecoverKeys program.

Connect the hard drive to another Win7 system, either directly to the motherboard or using a USB to SATA/PATA adapter or dock, then run  Enchanted Keyfinder and use its Load Hive function.
Enchanted Keyfinder - Load Hive
It will recover Office 2010 keys.
Can you not boot into Safe Mode?
the key is encoded in the registry hive, so you would need to boot into windows to run app such as magic jelly bean to reover.
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Boot the PC using the UBCD for Windows, it includes SIW (System Information for Windows) which can extract product keys from software installed on the PC's Windows installation.

You will need a Windows XP installation CD to create a the CD:


If you don't have such a CD then connect the PC's HD to that PC as a 2nd disk, and then run SIW on that PC. You'll have to use the "Network", "Remote Computer", "Remote Open Files" option to connect to the registry of the other disk to get the info:

Jackie ManCommented:
You can also try ProduKey v1.54 from nirsoft.net also.


Attach the HDD of the damaged OS as a slave drive in another computer and use the /external command line option for ProduKey.
4roiAuthor Commented:
Worked just as the expert said.  Thanks, I have my license key now.
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