netapp snapmirror update

I am having two Netapp storage devices located on two different sites.
There is configured snapmirror( synchronous and asynchronous) replication between them.
3 of my volumes are being replicated synchronously. The other 12 are replicating asynchrounously with time between 15 min to 2 hours.
I want to test my DR scenario. I am going to shut down the storage on the primary site.
 What I do for synchrounous replicated volumes is, that are not managed by VMware SRM software is:
snapmirror  quiesce volume1
snapmirror break volume1

For asynchrounous replication I am doing :

snapmirror update volume4
snapmirror update volume 5
snapmirror update volume 15

The other operations are performed by VMWare SRM software(like quiesce, break).

I was wondering if it's possible to write just one command to update all volumes and not one by one like above ( snapmirror update volume 4, snapmirror update volume 5 ........)
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There's no command to update all snapmirrors at once.

If you enable rsh or ssh, you can send remote commands by script. Make a (shell or bat) script like this:

ssh filer snapmirror update volume1
ssh filer snapmirror update volume2

Next you can run this from a remote host that is allowed to send rsh/ssh commands to the filer.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Quite easy, just create a text file, put all your "snapmirror update volume x", paste into CLI via SSH and it will do each line one by one.  You can do the same with break, quiesce, resync, etc.. if you need it to.

Hopefully you're using SRM 5 (5.1 just came out with new features), lots of improvements over 4.x
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