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excel vba after calculation comma is wron

Posted on 2012-09-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-10-03
Dear experts,

I made a little bit of vba code to import some data from another excel file. In my code i divide 1 plant into two plants,
Function DividePowerplants()

Dim GSRN As String
Dim GSRN1 As String
Dim GSRN2 As String
Dim Factor1 As Double
Dim Factor2 As Double
Dim Name1 As String
Dim Name2 As String
Dim uRng As Range
Dim lCols As Long

    x = Workbooks(WorkbookName).Sheets("DividedPD's").Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 2 To x

With Workbooks(WorkbookName).Sheets("DividedPD's")

    GSRN = .Range("B" & i).Value
    Name1 = .Range("C" & i).Value
    GSRN1 = .Range("D" & i).Value
    Factor1 = .Range("E" & i).Value / (.Range("E" & i).Value + .Range("H" & i).Value)
    Factor2 = 1 - Factor1
    GSRN2 = .Range("G" & i).Value
    Name2 = .Range("F" & i).Value
End With

    With Workbooks(WorkbookName).Sheets("Expected Production")

        Set rangeFind = .Range("3:3").Find(What:=GSRN, After:=Range("A3"), SearchOrder:=xlByColumns)
    If Not rangeFind Is Nothing Then

            lCols = rangeFind.Column + 1
            .Columns(lCols).EntireColumn.Insert Shift:=xlToLeft

            .Cells(1, lCols) = .Cells(1, rangeFind.Column).Value
            .Cells(2, lCols) = .Cells(2, rangeFind.Column).Value
            .Cells(3, lCols) = GSRN1
            .Cells(4, lCols) = Name1

            For j = 5 To 64
                     .Cells(j, lCols).Value = .Cells(j, rangeFind.Column).Value * Factor1
            Next j
            .Cells(3, rangeFind.Column).Value = GSRN2
            .Cells(4, rangeFind.Column).Value = Name2

            For k = 5 To 64
                .Cells(k, rangeFind.Column).Value = .Cells(k, rangeFind.Column).Value * Factor2

            Next k
End If
End With

Next i

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The code works fine but the results in my sheet aren't correct. Because when i have a powerplant A and with the code i divide it into Plant B and Plant C
Plant A has the results: 2177 and plant B has 22
                                      1113                          11
Can anyone tell me how this is possible?

Question by:MarkVrenken
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Accepted Solution

thydzik earned 1000 total points
ID: 38431424
can you please attach some sample workbooks that produce the errors.

Author Comment

ID: 38457956
never mind i'm sorry for the late response. Haven't been at work for some time. I fixed it. After trying to make an example file i discovered i had some numbers stored as text what produced the mistake.
thanks for making me do it;)


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