Specify traffic to a dedicated teamed NIC

Hi All,

There's a bottle neck on our backups, which means several of the servers can only backup at 100Mbps, rather than 1Gbps.  To fix it properly I need to take several servers offline.

As a work around I have plugged one Teamed NIC from each server into a 1Gbps switch, which includes the backups server.  When I use iPerf to test the throughput I get 1Gbps speeds and 100Mbps with 5 minutes of each other.

I guess this is because it's not always using the NIC which shares the backup switch.

So my question is;

Is there a way to force traffic for a specific server over a specific teamed NIC
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A pair of teamed NICs is a single NICE as far as the OS and applications are concerned. If you want some raffi to go through one physical NIC and other traffic to go through the other NIC you will need to remove the teaming.
That is an option with Backup Exec, to use a specific network.
detox1978Author Commented:
Where is it located, does it. Work with teamed nics?
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detox1978Author Commented:
Just checked and it shows teamed NIC's as one.
What's the function of second (dedicated) NIC, same subnet?

1. In fact, stopped 100Mbps NIC, and only run 1 Gbps NIC.

2. You can create a "private IP network" link with a 1Gbps switch on the secondary NICs of the servers.
100Mbps = 192.168.1.x subnet (for normal network traffic)
1Gbps =  Assign and to the secondary NICs, and tell your App server to talk to each other via the 10. network rather than the regular one (For backup traffic).
detox1978Author Commented:
The Backup server has two 1Gbps NICs' that are teamed.  The switch configuration meant I could only get 100Mbps throughput between several servers and the backup server.

As a work around I placed one NIC from all servers in the same switch as on NIC from the  backup server.

Without unteaming the NICs' I wondered if it was possible to specify which NIC it used.
detox1978Author Commented:
ok thanks
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