div not rendering properly in chrome

The  newsletter section of the page http://www.marhall.com/hotel/newsletter.aspx is not rendering properly in google chrome (div with class="panel w630"). What css  changes I need to do to correct the width and also I want this div bottom should aligned with the Newsletter button in red on the left. so what height should I set for this div.
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Change your doctype to

Then try adding

height:296px to .panel .border {

You may need to play with height once you have a proper doctype, transitional lets browsers do their own interpretation of styles.
mmalik15Author Commented:
thanks for the comment.

would changing this doc type will have any other rendering impacts?
It will show anything that is not correctly styled.
You should use a doctype that all browsers will follow the same way.
mmalik15Author Commented:
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