SBS 2003 add user wizard sets email to recovery mailbox


I have an SBS 2003 which damaged the exchange 6 months ago. Now working correctly.

When adding a user using the SBS wizard, no Exchange mailbox is created. I suspect it is trying to create in the recovery store. If I create a user manually using Active Directory, it says create in the first Storage group and the drop down does not show the recovery group as an option.

I have sent an email to the new user (it does this automatically anyway, when creating), but the maibox does not create. You cannot login via OWA and Outlook cannot access.

Any one suggest how I can set the Wizard to default to the First storage group.

Thank you.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Do you still have the RSG in the configuration? If so, drop it, and restart the information store service. An RSG shouldn't be left lying around.

pcsouthwestAuthor Commented:
You are correct, I have removed teh RSG and woring OK.

Thank you
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