How do I use Perfmon

I have a MS Access 2007 program running on a Windows 7 Home Premium PC. The Access program uses an add in that I have purchased to read emails and it is crashing and corrupting the MS Access program. The supplier of the program has suggested that I use perfmon to see if the crash is coinciding with high memory usage, perhaps due to a memory leak. How do I set this up to provide the most meaningful data?
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redbmasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Honestly, if you paid for a program and the instructions they gave you were not enough for you to continue I strongly suggest that you contact them for more information.

The only reason I say this is we have no idea what they told you or what they are looking for. They should be more than happy walking you through configuring prefmon. There is no sense in wasting time/money here when you paid for their program and they should be providing support with that program.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments. I will do as you suggest.
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