Shortcut to Active Directory Users and Computers - Limit view to own OU

What the command line option is to create a shortcut to ADUC, so the a particular OU only has only have visibility to their OU? We do not want them to see other non OU User objects, when they access the ADUC via this shortcut.

What permissions do they need to be provided at the User OU level, so they can only "reset" and unlock" their users at the OU level. We don’t want them to be able to rename or delete objects.
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Mike KlineCommented:
You can create a taskpad view for them

I actually wish this feature would be improved.

In the delegation control wizard or ACL on the OU you can get granular on permissions.  

There is the  "reset user passwords and force password change at next logo" using the delegation control wizard


JonBSSAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mike, I've created the Task View, how do I create a shortcut to it?

Edit: Never mind.. I was over thinking it

Right Click > New Window From here > Save the MMC with the Task view created in a new window
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