Copy Excel Data from Excel to a table in Word

Greetings fellow experts!

I am at a loss on this one.  A real mystery; as I cannot find a whole lot of info on this issue.

We are using Office 2007 SP3, with Windows 7 x64 SP1.

WHat we are trying to do is:

1. Copy data from a range of cells in Excel ( i.e columns A-F Rows 1-12)

2. Paste into an excel formatted table in Word.

3. Get Error message "Microsoft Office Word can't start the application required to open this object.  AN error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly.  Would you like to repair this feature now?"

4. When I select "No" the that message, I then get this one "The program used to create this object is Excel.  That program is not installed on your computer.  To edit this object, you must install a program that can open this object."

5.  I have tried repairing office, uninstalling then reinstalling - did not help.

6. I tried as suggested in one of my searches to right click on the table in Word, go to "Worksheet Object" and select "Convert" and selected Excel Binary Worksheet"

7.  I have tried converting both files to the new office file format, with the x added, still did not help.

What gives?
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cschmidt5Author Commented:
I meant to add that this same procedure works on a windows XP computer, running same version/service pack level.

I will check out the directions you linked me to, but we never had to follow the steps outlined in the site you just linked me to.
cschmidt5Author Commented:
OK, so the link you posted WAS helpful - as it ensures the table has been created in the right format with the right options, thank you.  All I have to do now is train the user how to do this herself :)  thanks.
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cschmidt5Author Commented:
That still doesn't answer this:  Why does it work in XP without having to re-create the table?
i have no idea..all i can say.."Its microsoft"....they alone know! :D

u can close case and archive
cschmidt5Author Commented:
I will close once I am sure this is the solution, I still have to see if it continues to work right after I recreate the table/link.  (We want the excel table we are copying to Word to be linked so if changed in excel it changes in Word too)
cschmidt5Author Commented:
Just updating - have not gotten a chance to try this yet, waiting on a user.
cschmidt5Author Commented:
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