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Redirected Blackberry email is not notifying


When email is redirected by a rule to a custom folder in outlook it does not notify on the Blackberry. It will notify if the message simply goes onto the users inbox. We are using Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 5.03 with version 7.0 on the devices. blackberry button /options /email settings does NOT exist which seems to be the only solution out there. Right clicking on the user in BES gives not folder redirection option.

Thank you for any help

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Per KB04297:

For BlackBerry® 6 to BlackBerry® 7.1, complete the following steps:

From the Home screen, select the Desktop message icon.
Click the Menu key and select Options.
From the Message Options screen, click Email Preferences.
At the top of the Email Preferences screen, select the Desktop Message Service and click the Menu key.
Highlight and select Folder Redirection.
Choose the mailbox, expand if necessary, and check folder items to redirect.
Press the Menu key and click Save.
DavidlocAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the really quick reply.

 I do not have a Desktop Message Service at the top of Email Prefs. Can this be reinstalled as a push to all users ?  

Thank you

Assuming you setup the phone correctly (via enterprise activation, not desktop manager) it should be there.  In Email preferences you should see "Message Services" at the very top.  Is there no drop down to the right of it with "Desktop" listed?  This is what they are referring to.  If I recall correctly there are no IT policies to control this, but I may be misremembering.

Are you able to enable it from the server using this method.  Same KB article as mentioned above.

To set up folder redirection from the BlackBerry Administration Service for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 and BlackBerry Business Cloud Services, complete the following steps:

Log into the BlackBerry Administration Service web console.
Expand User under BlackBerry Solution Management.
Click Manage Users.
Search for the user and click on the user's display name.
Click Default configuration under the Messaging Configuration section of the User Information tab of the user view.
Click the email tab.
Click Edit user.
Select Selected folders under Redirection settings.
Select the folders that need to be redirected. Clicking the icon at the right of the Inbox will select all subfolders.
Click Continue to user information edit.
Click Save all.
DavidlocAuthor Commented:
Thank you , bang on solution :)

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