Call Center and Telephone orders

Hi guys,

I have been looking around the web for a Call center module for Magento which allows call center staff to place orders via the telephone.

I would like something that is dynamic as I would need to log the ID's for each number used for each product...

For example, if a customer called 12345-678 I would need to populate the call center page with products matching that number and a call script... VERY COMPLEX!!!

Has anyone come across this before?
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not to do what you are asking for.
Using the API maybe best for this - cannot image it scaling well if you have multiple users trying to access Magento thru its own interface - it's slow at the best of times.
But still you would need a way to get the phone number into the code of for API or possible copy and paste...
This is going to be bespoke software.
You're trying to connect two different software packages.
rafique12Author Commented:
I think I may have a way around it. I can simply have a Magento website/store and for each caller ID and the call center staff can click on the page that is relevant to the caller ID which will then list the product(s)... The call center staff member will need to be logged in to process an order etc

Let me know what you think?
rafique12Author Commented:
As a sidenote <!--- Are you aware of a package that does this??? I may have a go at connecting it with Magento ---> Might be fun :-)
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