Can't attach file to Outlook

I'm having an issue with Acrobat X Pro not being able to attach a file to Outlook. If I open Acrobat and go to File>send to email, the share pane opens and the file that is open is then selected. When I click attach I will see  a message "launching email program" and then nothing happens, no errors or anything. The message just goes away. If I log on locally with the administrator account and do the same thing, I will get a message stating an email account for the administrator account could not be found, which is true because it was never set up. When the user logs on, it appears Acrobat can't find Outlook. Reinstalling Acrobat didn't help and Outlook is the default email program. I have not reinstalled Outlook or attempted to create a new user profile yet as I hope there is a fix. I'm running Windows 7, Office 2010, Acrobat X Pro version 10, everything 32 bit.

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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Good Deal
Gald you got it sorted

Just incase you would like to know what or why this happens for any future cases/users

When using Send To or Save and Send from any other application outside of Outlook
This Process does not use OUtlook Eamil as you think it would
It actually uses a Service called MAPIMAIL

Now on ocassion, and often through Office / Outlook Upgrades the MAPI Dlls can break or become corrupt

If this happens, it appfects the MAPIMAIL Service and these send to options from other applications will not work

To fix it, you can try as you have above and run office repair

You could also close outlook and all other applications
Locate the Mapi Dlls
Rename them to .old or even delete them

When you next open outlook they will be automatically recreated

Once recrated these services should be restored and Send To should work again

Link Below on Repairing your Mapi Dlls
aintgot1Author Commented:
Just a quick update. I did a repair of Office and I was able to attach a PDF to Outlook using Acrobat X.

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