SBS 2008 Move Data Wizard crashing. Moving Exchange & Sharepoint data- NTFS/diskspace

Posted on 2012-09-17
Last Modified: 2012-09-17

We have a server that is running low on space on the C: drive. I've just attempted to run the move data wizard to move the Exchange data to the D: drive and I am getting an error window up that says:
Data Store is not movable as no NTFS drives are available or the available drives don't have enough disk space
This server has only NTFS drives (2 partitions on one RAID5 array) and the amount of free space on the D: drive exceeds the entire capacity of the C: drive.

There is also a removable hard disk connected that is used by Symantec's Backup Exec. Backup Exec has exclusive use of this drive which has no mapping.

There are 2 network drives mapped. 1 is local and one is a NAS box.
PS C:\Users\Administrator> get-wmiobject win32_logicaldisk

DeviceID     : C:
DriveType    : 3
ProviderName :
FreeSpace    : 18554273792
Size         : 84563456000
VolumeName   : OS

DeviceID     : D:
DriveType    : 3
ProviderName :
FreeSpace    : 219071184896
Size         : 414186467328
VolumeName   : Data (RAID5)

DeviceID     : E:
DriveType    : 5
ProviderName :
FreeSpace    :
Size         :
VolumeName   :

DeviceID     : F:
DriveType    : 5
ProviderName :
FreeSpace    :
Size         :
VolumeName   :

DeviceID     : M:
DriveType    : 4
ProviderName : \\SERVER04\Data\Moveman
FreeSpace    : 219071184896
Size         : 414186467328
VolumeName   : Data (RAID5)

DeviceID     : Z:
DriveType    : 4
ProviderName : \\\backup
FreeSpace    : 4950212608
Size         : 989774200832
VolumeName   : Backup

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The full error log reads:
[5812] 120917.161554.4303: Storage: Initializing...C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\MoveData.exe
[5812] 120917.161554.6273: Storage: Data Store to be moved: Exchange
[5812] 120917.161555.4074: Storage: Backup Task State: Enabled
[5812] 120917.161555.4354: Storage: Server Backup Task Disabled
[5812] 120917.161555.6164: Storage: Launching the Move Data Wizard!
[5812] 120917.161555.6244: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(null) = Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage
[5812] 120917.161555.6274: Wizard: TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage is on ExpectedPath
[5812] 120917.161555.6494: Wizard: Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage entered
[5812] 120917.161555.6604: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage) = Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage
[5812] 120917.161555.6604: Wizard: TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage is on ExpectedPath
[5812] 120917.161555.6614: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage) = Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage
[5812] 120917.161555.6614: Wizard: TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage is on ExpectedPath
[5812] 120917.161555.6614: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage) = null
[5812] 120917.161555.6664: Wizard: ----------------------------------
[5812] 120917.161555.6664: Wizard: The pages visted:
[5812] 120917.161555.6664: Wizard: Current Page := [TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage]
[5812] 120917.161555.6664: Wizard: [TOC]        : TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage
[5812] 120917.161555.6674: Wizard: [TOC]        : TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage
[5812] 120917.161555.6674: Wizard: Step 1 of 3
[5812] 120917.161557.9307: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage) = Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage
[5812] 120917.161557.9327: Wizard: Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage exited with the button: Next
[5812] 120917.161557.9327: WizardChainEngine Next Clicked: Going to page {0}.: Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage
[5812] 120917.161557.9427: Wizard: Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage entered
[5812] 120917.161557.9497: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage) = Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage
[5812] 120917.161557.9497: Wizard: Admin:QueryNextPage(Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage) = null
[5812] 120917.161557.9497: Wizard: ----------------------------------
[5812] 120917.161557.9497: Wizard: The pages visted:
[5812] 120917.161557.9497: Wizard: [TOC] visited: TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.GettingStartedPage
[5812] 120917.161557.9497: Wizard: Current Page := [TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage]
[5812] 120917.161557.9507: Wizard: [TOC]        : TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage
[5812] 120917.161557.9507: Wizard: Step 2 of 3
[8216] 120917.161557.9557: Storage: Starting System Diagnosis
[8216] 120917.161557.9557: Storage: Getting Data Store Information
[8216] 120917.161557.9717: Storage: Create the list of storage and DB directory path
[8216] 120917.161557.9837: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingTasks..ctor
[8216] 120917.161558.0007: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingTasks.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161558.0077: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161558.0097: Messaging: Exchange install path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin
[8216] 120917.161559.3108: Messaging: E12 Monad runspace created ID: Microsoft.PowerShell
[8216] 120917.161559.3228: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161559.3288: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-exchangeserver 
[8216] 120917.161601.5760: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161601.5760: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161601.8741: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingTasks.GatherAdminInfo
[8216] 120917.161601.8751: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161601.8771: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-user -Identity "squab.local\Administrator" 
[8216] 120917.161602.6691: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161602.6701: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161602.6701: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-mailbox -Identity "c1c91326-ff42-4062-8093-ac52fc427a58" 
[8216] 120917.161602.7322: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161602.7332: Messaging: User Administrator is mail enabled and can use MessagingManagement to send mail.
[8216] 120917.161602.7342: Messaging: Email address used for user:
[8216] 120917.161602.7492: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161602.7492: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-group -Identity "Domain Admins" 
[8216] 120917.161602.7972: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161602.7982: Messaging: User Administrator is a member of Domain Admins and can use MessagingManagement to manage Exchange.
[8216] 120917.161602.7982: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingTasks.GatherAdminInfo
[8216] 120917.161602.7982: Messaging: MessagingManagement enabled for Exchange management: True
[8216] 120917.161602.7982: Messaging: MessagingManagement enabled for mail submission: True
[8216] 120917.161602.7982: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingTasks.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161602.7982: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Tasks.TaskMoveExchangeData.CreateDataStoreDriveList
[8216] 120917.161602.8022: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161602.8022: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161602.8032: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-storagegroup -Server "SERVER04" 
[8216] 120917.161603.0122: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161603.0242: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161603.0252: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161603.0252: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-mailboxdatabase -Server "SERVER04" 
[8216] 120917.161603.2192: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161603.2312: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.Initialize
[8216] 120917.161603.2312: Messaging: Begin Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161603.2312: Messaging: Executed management shell command: get-publicfolderdatabase -Server "SERVER04" 
[8216] 120917.161603.3302: Messaging: End Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Messaging.Management.MessagingRunspace.StaticExecute
[8216] 120917.161603.3542: Storage: Data Store Drive/s Details:Name=D:\,Size=23366227364 
[8216] 120917.161603.3542: Storage: Data Store Size Details: Current Total Size=23366227364  Required Size=23366227364
[8216] 120917.161603.3542: Storage: MoveData Task can move the Data Store=True
[8216] 120917.161603.3772: Storage: Data Store is not movable as no NTFS drives are available or the available drives don't have enough disk space
[8216] 120917.161603.3822: Storage: System Diagnosis Completed
[5812] 120917.161603.3902: Wizard: Storage.MoveDataWizard.DiagnoseDataStorePage exited with the button: Finish
[5812] 120917.161603.3912: Wizard: TOC Storage.MoveDataWizard.NewDataStoreLocationPage is NO longer on ExpectedPath
[5812] 120917.161603.4012: Storage: Wizard ended because of some error.
[5812] 120917.161609.2048: Storage: Server Backup Task Enabled

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Trying to move the Sharepoint data in the same way throws up the same error. Trying to move user data, whether shared or redirected folders throws up a totally different error that I will list in a different question unless anyone thinks it could be relevaant, in which case I can post it in the comments below.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Question by:mhayler
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    Expert Comment

    by:Cliff Galiher
    Let's start simple. Have you checked in disk manager or via the command line to ensure the d: drive is indeed an NTFS partition? If it is FAT or another partition type, the move wizard will fail.

    Author Comment

    Yes, D: is NTFS as reported by disk manager.
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    Accepted Solution

    Sorry, I Should have looked at the logs more closely.

    Your exchange databases are already on D: as indicated by line 75 of your output. Thus the wizard is failing because the only other local drive is c: and it doesn't have enough space to accommodate the exchange data.

    Author Comment

    Jeez. Wish I'd looked more closely before posting now! Had a load of different movedata errors on a few different servers and I'm becoming blind to the obvious!

    Thanks for spotting that, and sorry for wasting time!

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