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Shared Email Account

I need some advice on the best method to accomplish the following.  I have been using a shared email account and shared active directory account among three operators.  I want to keep the shared email account and have the three operators use their own active directory account.  The operators would use owa to access this shared email account once proper permissions were set up.  Can I prevent the shared email address and active directory user account from being utilized to sign onto computers?
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Yes. Use the Active Directory account for login authentication and then have the individual Users access OWA (Outlook Web Access) which uses HTTP.  This would be the solution to consider if the User DO NOT have access to a desktop-installed copy of Microsoft Office 2003/2007.

"Use Outlook Anywhere to connect to your Exchange server without VPN"

NOTE: It might be necessary to "sort" the Inbox into three seperate folders, one for each Operator, based on some arbitrary Rules in order to divide up the workload.  If this is feasible in the situation as it has been described.  Setup the rules AT THE OFFICE using a copy of Outlook that will be kept running on a workstation NOT SHARED with other users.  The Rules would process incoming mail and put messages into "User A's folder", "User B's folder" or "User C's folder" so they would not be attempting to access the same messages at the same time (i.e. in the "Inbox") while working remotely.  This setup should NOT use a .PST (Personal Folder) for the storage of anything, because the remote Users would not be able to access messages moved into a .PST.

If the Users do have access to a desktop copy of Outlook 2003/2007, it may be configured to connect to the mailbox over HTTP; I will include some links to setups.

"Access your mailbox by using HTTP"

There may be more information available on these topics, but that generally gets into troubleshooting connections and Setup Wizards, etc.  The information here should get you started.

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