Laptop or ipad to T.V. options

I'm trying to figure out my best option.  I want to show a 10 minute u tube video clip. The venue is at a restaurant with brand new large flat screen T.V.'s.  The T.V.'s look like they have every port imaginable but the easiest to get to is the HDMI port on the front.  I have an older laptop that doesn't have an HDMI port, only VGA.  I also have the iPad 2.  For BEST QUALITY video to show on the big screen T.V. is there anything I can buy besides a new laptop?  Is there a good converter cable?   I currently have a device called PCTOTV that works going from my laptop to the T.V. but the quality really stinks and there is no sound unless I play it thru speakers on the laptop.  Suggestions?
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1) AppleTV. $99. AirPlay from the iPad2. (

2) Roku LT. No more than $49.99. Share the video to your Facebook wall, and use the Facebook channel to play it (

3) VIZIO Co-Star. $99. Play YouTube natively with this GoogleTV device. (
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
Perfect, I have appleTV.  Will try it tonight.  Thanks.
This worked for me. You can connect your iphone/ipad directly to a tv or monitor.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
Appletv worked great and it looks great.  Thanks.
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