I have attached codes for Everything is working fine when it is in test mode.
when I switch to live and all url/login/tranid as well as mode in are already switched to LIVE. But I test it, the connection is fine but we have alert/error msg from admin website like the following:

I am very new to and need some experts who already done this transition and helps... the ecommerce website is with https enabled.

I have the attached codes for the actual working function in aspx/c# thanks

Authorization Amount:  USD 5.00  
Submit Date /Time:  17-Sep-2012 10:04:33  
Authorization Code:  
Reference Transaction ID:  Not Applicable 0  
Transaction Type:  Authorization w/ Auto Capture  
Address Verification Status:  AVS Not Applicable (P)  
Card Code Status:  Not Applicable  
CAVV Result Code:  Not Applicable  
Fraud Score Applied:  Not Applicable  
Recurring Billing Transaction:  N  
Partial Capture Status:  Not Applicable  
Customer IP:
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Julian HansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you spoken to support?

Are you sure there is no requirement in the live environment that you connect from a specified IP/Domain and if so have you set that up?
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