Data Center Upgrade

Currently using stacked two 3750's at the core 3560 X's for distribution. What would be your reccomendation for the next performance level.
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Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

please provide more info...

1) what throughput you are looking for?
2) how many servers?
3) total hosts

apart from all above i woud like to know about your Passive components and speed.....
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Nothing wrioong with 3750's as core I assume you user numbers are around 100 to 500 users.

If so then 3750's should be OK,

the step up would be the

followed by the 4500 series,

the 4500 are module based switches, either the 

which is more like your regular rack mounted switch or the which are chassis based and can take from 3 to 9 modules.

then at the top of the range are the 6500 but they will set you back around £80,000+ fully populated!

for prices,

3750-X are about £3-5K each for a 24port fibre £3-4K for copper
4500-X around £4-6K populated with modules
4500 chassis (7 slot module with 48 fibre ports and 98 copper ports) = £35K

these prices are rough costs and for a public sector company, most places would expect to pay 20% on top of this. will give you a good over view of the different products, stating at the bottom of the page moving upwards o the latests and greatest.

any more help let us know, but with out more info on your network its hard to be more precise.
Phoenix43Author Commented:
Thank you for that guidance. I am finding out what requirments there are regarding capacity total host, how many servers and throughput.
I will have that info for you shortly so we can proceed
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For a data center, the next step would be 10 Gbps Nexus switches.
Phoenix43Author Commented:
Looks like the best option is the 3750X  at the data Center
that said do I need Layer 3 in conjunction with this device?

Additionally I have a number of Cisco AS 5350'S  what is this device and what is the next gen upgrade or replacement for this device.

And would it be risky for cost reasons to have a direct connectivity via VPN ro the internet INSTEAD of 100connection meg connection to a MPLS cloud
Phoenix43Author Commented:
to not ro..typo
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
3750X is a layer 3 device

as for the other questions  No dure about the as5350's

you can connect direct to the internet, MPLS gives you guaranteed bandwidth and much better support but many companies used VPN for WAN access to remote sites.

you really want to get a network consultent in if you are not sure as that kind of descesion is based on many factors., to many to list here. And you dont want to get it wrong.
Phoenix43Author Commented:
Yes, we are getting a resource on board soon.

Thank you
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