ipv6 and ipsec

It said that ipsec is built into ipv6. But I do not see that in the ipv6 header. Can somebody shed some light on this? Thx
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Matt VConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IPSec in IPv6 and why it's important

IPsec is a mandatory component for IPv6, and therefore, the IPsec security model is required to be supported for all IPv6 implementations in near future. In IPv6, IPsec is implemented using the AH authentication header and the ESP extension header. Since at the present moment, IPv4 IPsec is available in nearly all client and server OS platforms, the IPSec IPv6 advanced security can be deployed by IT administrators immediately, without changing applications or networks. The importance of IPsec in IPv6 has grown in recent years as U.S. Department of Defense and federal government have mandates to buy IPv6-capable systems and to transition to IPv6-capable networks within a few years,
From: http://ipv6.com/articles/security/IPsec.htm

It is a requirement of IPv6 that it support IPSec, but it is not always "turned on".
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