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We are having  a problem with a new email project. We have converted a client over to Hosted Exchange from their old POP email. We set them up with calendars under the main account for the  manager so she can control all of the calendaring. She would like to have her assistant added to all appointments in her calendar. This isn't a problem for future appointments, but they have thousands of existing appointments. Is there a  way to add the other user as an attendee to all of her existing appointments. We really don't want to edit 2000+ appointments.
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What version of outlook is being used?
If Outlook 2010, and theres no objection
You could add the assitant to the Managers Mailbox Permissions in AD

Then you can actaully add the mailbox to the assitants Outlook Profile
This will allow the claendar to be indexed and the assistant should be able to search it
In short No, there is no option in outlook to add users to all existing appointments for the Manager.

One needs to ask whats the purpose of addin a user to all previously made appointments in an calendar....

If its so the Assistant will be aware of all the managers appointments and help the manager to manage those appointments, there is an way easier way

Depending on the Version Of Outlook you Have

Outlook 2003-2007
Go to Tools>Options>Delegates Tab
Add the Assistant Here as a delegate, Give the Assistant Author or Editor Options on the Managers Calendar

Outlook 2010
Go to File>Account Settings DropDown>Delegates
Add the Assistant Here as a delegate, Give the Assistant Author or Editor Options on the Managers Calendar

What this will do is allow the assistant access to the Managers Calendar
They will be able to view all the appointments
See what appointments the Manager has throughout the day
They can open the appointments and view the details
IF you give them Author or Editor access they can update them accordingly

All without being in the appointment itself

Also while adding the delegate as an appointment. you can choose the option to have Delegate receieve a copy of all meeting related messages sent to the Manager

This will make sure the delegate is up to date on all appointments in the Managers Calendar
extracoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your post.  The reason we need to add the assistant to all of the meetings is so that she can easily search through them.  Currently she is a manager on the calendar and can see them / make changes to them but those folders are not indexed by the search feature.
extracoAuthor Commented:
I will give that a try and let you know.

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