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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for suggestions on hosted spam filters.  I'm familiar with Postini but understand it may be going away or not available in the future.

Can anyone provide a hosted spam filter recommendation that has the following?

Email Spooling in the event of Internet or server outage.

The ability for the users to manage their own safe and blocked senders lists.

Filter aggressiveness settings.

Central management.

Daily email notification of quarantined messages to the users.

And the possibility of message continuity such as archiving and viewing messages in the event of an outage.

Thanks for any and all responses.
noisyserverNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Nathan KaufmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One solutiong you could use is from GFI, they're pretty good and it's easy to use.
MessageLabs (now part of Symantec) :

McAfee :

And (not sure if this is allowed on EE but...) our own company:
noisyserverNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments and any additional comments.  I'm looking into all of these options.

You can try Trend Micro Hosted email security:

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