need Outlook 2007 to automatically open when receiving and moving email using rules

I have exchange 2010 hosted. running outlook 2007.

user swears that before (exchange was setup recently) his outlook would automatically open folders when new email arrived. And now it doesn't, it just hightlights the folder.

the user has like 100 rules, but when outlook moves the email to those folders, the folders don't open automatically.

I never heard of this. Is there such a thing on Exchange 2010? or does this only work on POP email.
Anthony H.Asked:
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Just to side with you, I've never heard of this either with Outlook / Exchange.  But I can think of some ways it could be accomplished using advanced Outlook rules.

IF it really was happening, it would definately not be Exchange side feature.  It would have to be in the Outlook client.  The Exchange server does not control user experience items like this within the Outlook client.
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