Restrict access to own's OWN contact subfolder

I have a need to restrict users from copying/modifying a contact folder that was created in their exchange mailbox (not the primary contacts folder).

Does anybody know if this is possible?  I tried testing this on my outlook 2010 client but even after removing myself I am able to edit the contacts.
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah, unfortunatley in outlook / exchange this cannot be done
You would have to modify the users access to their own mailbox in AD, making it readonly

However doing any such this would severly break their mailbox and restrict their access to other areas

You could use something like eGroupware to manage the contacts and push them out to users
You can't make a folder in a users Inbox inaccessible to that user.  A user has full control over their Inbox and everything in it -- by design.
Is this contact folder the same for all users?

If so move it into a Public Folder


What about moving it into another Shared Mailbox account
The only give users read only to it

This way when they want to access it they have to eigther do it by public folders or viewing the other account in read only

They wont be able to modify it
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WaidentAuthor Commented:
we don't want to use public folders and we need this folder to sync to handhelds.  

rock and a hard place i think....
If you are using Exchange, what you can do is set up your handheld devices to use and Exchange e-mail account.  Then put all of your shared contacts into Active Directory as contacts.  These will be accessible from the phone (assuming you are using an Exchange-aware device).
WaidentAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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I do agree with No Solution

However, not sure I agree with Waident's comment #a38407045  being accepted as the answer.

It was already mentioned that the above request wasnt possible in outlook/exchange

"yeah, unfortunatley in outlook / exchange this cannot be done"
by: apache09Posted on 2012-09-18 at 07:55:36ID: 38407081
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