Exchange 2010 disclaimer based on OU

I followed this guide to create 2 disclaimers based on a dynamic distribution list:

below is a copy of my rule:

Identity: 'I_Disclaimer'
Name: 'I_Disclaimer'
Comments: ''
ApplyHtmlDisclaimerLocation: 'Append'
ApplyHtmlDisclaimerFallbackAction: 'Wrap'

Apply rules to messages: from "I_disclaimer" - this is a dynamic dist. group, properties of this under conditions says "users with exchange mailboxes" and filter tab shows users with exchange mailboxes in a particular OU.
append - blah blah
and fall back to "wrap" if unable to apply
except when users are inside the organization

If I change the "from people" in the first step to my mailbox it works fine - so its not working using the dynamic distribution group - It was set to use the correct OU and "users with exchange mailboxes" and I changed it to just everyone in that OU - same result...
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Can you please share how did you create the Transport rule for Disclaimer ..

Transport Disclaimer created based on DL membership - set in my environment on HUB and then restart the Transport service

- From a Member of a DL ? (Condition page)
-- Sent to users that are inside or outside the Organization or partners (Condition page)
- Append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply ? (Action Page)
- Any Exceptions set ?

- Rancy
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
WHy not have some attribute assigned to the set to users and then create a Disclaimer based on that Attribute.

- Rancy
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
Can you explain how I would do this, and I guess I would have to assign all new users  this attribute ?
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rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
I followed the steps in the link shared above...
Go to organization config, hub transport, transport rules tab, new rule
step 1 "from people", which I have selected the dynamic distribution list (
next, then append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply - I set the disclaimer text and fallback is default on "wrap"
next - except when sent to users "inside the organization".
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
To create the "" I go to receipt config, dist group, then created a new one, on the filter tab i select the OU and "include these recipient types" set to ALL types.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
So what is the Outcome ?
I have shared the details of the Disclaimer i created if you can try that.

- Rancy
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
I must have missed something, what do you want me to try?
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
Ah - had to re-read that.  So yeah it was set to SEND FROM PEOPLE, then I selected the distro group, but that doesn't work so you choose SEND FROM A MEMBER OF A DISTRIBUTION LIST.  Seems like either should work.  Thanks for the help!

Will see if I can contact the link I referenced as it did have me "Click ‘People’. Select ‘People’ and browse for the Dynamic Distribution Group that was just created above."
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