SharePoint controls render extremely slowly

Hi all,

Our entire SharePoint Intranet renders at the speed of molasses dripping in winter.  When I look at render time for native controls like "zz9_Menu" and "ctl00_SPNavigation", I see render times of 1.7 and 2.46 seconds, respectively.  Whole pages can take several minutes to render in the browser.  Checking in a file or uploading a file are both painful.  I have no large lists that are called in the default view of any list.  This is not just one or two sites in the site collection.  It's everywhere.

I can find no hardware or software bottlenecks or errors, as determined by Windows task manager, SolarWinds, Event logs, and SharePoint logs.  My dba tells me that all is well on the SQL server.  I just downloaded Idera's diagnostic manager and am about to dive into the documentation to see what it can tell me.  

We have one WFE and one SQL server, AAM to include both the short gfweb and the FQDN version (that last after event log complaints about FQDN requests) of the Intranet URL.  These are both physical boxes.  Internet and network connectivity to other apps appears to be stellar.

The full crawl is set for Saturdays at 12:00 AM and incrementals at 6AM, 10, 2, and 6PM.   I have not reset the index.  Performance is only mildly worse when the crawl is taking place, although the last full crawl (of an 80GB content database) took 30 hours and the last incremental took just over an hour, while the current incremental is now at 1:36:00.

Complaints from users abound and I can't put my finger on what is wrong.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.
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nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
We reset the index on a regular basis; it seems to "fix" the problem.  It's a moot point now, though, since we're in the middle of migrating to 2013.

nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Forgot to add: SP3, 64-bit.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Are you familiar with Fiddler?  I'd advise using this tool to look at the load times on the pages.

Is this an out of the box site with out of the box branding?
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've been looking at Fiddler and I can tell that they load slowly, but why, it doesn't tell me.  

Mostly out of the box; the very little code there is was provided by Microsoft support a few years ago.   Few third party tools.

What concerns me is that nothing has changed on the farm recently apart from creation of a couple of large sites, and native controls, not just my CQWPs and CEWPs, are loading slowly.  Those are, too, but not consistently.

I did reboot this morning and it seems to be a little perkier, but pages still load more slowly than I'd like them to.
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
I want to close it; I didn't really get an answer, but wanted to share the workaround in case anyone else encounters this.
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