converting all mail senders into contacts in outlook 2007. Any solution?

Hi there;

I need to convert all mail senders into contacts in outlook 2007.

What I meant is that there are senders of mails in my outlook, but there are no contacts saved. I want to save all as contacts.

Any solution?

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Sure can

IN OUtlook go to File>IMport/Export

Choose Export to Program or File
CHoose Comma Seperate4d Value (Windows)

Choose the Inbox or folder that contains the emails
Save to your C Drive

Once Completed
Go back to Import Export in Outlook

Choose IMport from Program or File
FInd your CSV


Choose to import it into your contacts folder

YOu will be given an option to map your Fields
Drag and drop the From Field into the Name Field on the right

Drag and drop the Address Field into the email field on the right

Here also map any other details you would like copied into the contact

When done choose next

This will import all the senders email address into your contacts
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