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HP ProCurve VLANs

I need help figuring out how the VLANs are configured on our HP ProCurve switch. I've never seen such a setup before, but there are over 20 VLANs, one for each department. That's fine, so far. Normally the VLANs I've worked with are segregated and completely independant. These VLANs seem to be configured in such a way that all VLANs are able to communicate with each other.

Can someone help me figure out either how this is possible, or guide me to the setting on that ProCurve switch. I looked around on the web interface, but could not find any such settings that bridge the VLANs.
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Well, which model of HP Procurve is this? You need a layer 3 device to communicate between vlan, it can another device, like router/layer3 switch on it can be done on your Procurve if it s layer 3 switch
On a windows computer you can find where the routing is taking place with tracert.
So if you have a device on an other vlan at cmd
> TRACERT IPaddessOfPrinterOrSomething
the output from this can lead you to L3-switch or router.

A procurve with routing enabled would have a statement in running config:

Could you please post running config.
perhaps you can find it on web-interface.
perhaps you can telnet to the switch and at the CLI:
show run
You can track down where the routing is being donefor each VLAN by doing an "ipconfig" command from a PC on each VLAN (Assuming Windows is in use) and finding the default gateway field in the output.

That will tell you what the router's IP address is for each VLAN/Network and you would then need to find what device owns each of those addresses. Most likely a layer 3 switch with all of the VLANs configured on it.

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