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I have a poorly performing web site that I jsut can't seem to track the problem.  My website is making a call to the sql database then returning that data and rendering the page.  Normally this page can load in about 2 seconds but lately I am seeing up to 14 seconds.  It is very intermiitant in that I can refresh the page and get 2 seconds one time then refresh again and receive 6 seconds.  the architecture is web server in dmz zone of firewall and sql inside secure zone.  No changes have been made to sql or web servers.  there is a load balancer that serves up web server but this was bypassed with similar results.  Question is " how can I identify how long it is taking for the traffic from the point the request is made at the web server to the sql server then back to the web server?"  I have a staging environment with the same DB and similar architecture that does not experience the issue.
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pergrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is on Linux, try the 'tcpdump' command, and then view the resulting file in the Wireshark program. You will get full time stamps of all packets.

If this is Linux, your can even run Wireshark on the server and capture directly from the ethernet port.
Matt VCommented:
I would guess the database query is your bottleneck, trying running the SQL Query Analyzer and see if you get different results running the same query over and over.  If the query is sound, then I would check your firewall logs to see if there is a delay between the LAN and DMZ.
seconding pergr recommendation.  Packet capture, then look for unexpected delays between the HTTP packets and the SQL packets.
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