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we have 3 workgroup and one domain  branch network connected to the main domain(HO) via DATA IP VPN  .
when we access the windows shared folder from the branch . it will prompt the u/n and p/w to enter and when we enter the information will work on the few computers
only few computers end up with  "The Network Path not Found " . we can ping to the server .what was the reason only few can access and others can't do the same thing
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Troubleshooting Steps:
      1.      Run Services.msc and look for the "Computer Browser" service. This should be somewhere between the "COM+" services, and "Cryptographic Service".
      •      If the "Computer Browser" service is not present, you probably need to re-install Client for Microsoft Networks. Proceed to step 2. If the service is present, follow the rest of the bullets in this step, and skip the remaining steps.
      •      If the "Computer Browser" service's Startup Type is Disabled or Manual, open the Properties page and change it to Automatic.
      •      If the "Computer Browser" service is stopped, start it.
      2.      Open the Properties page of your network connection. In the list that says "This connection uses the following items:" check for "Client for Microsoft Networks".
      •      If "Client for Microsoft Networks" is present, verify the "Computer Browser" service's settings, per the last two bullets of step 1. If those settings are correct, and a reboot does not solve the problem, there's a different issue at hand.
      •      If "Client for Microsoft Networks" is not present, proceed to step 3.
      3.      Reinstall "Client for Microsoft Networks".
      •      In the Properties page of your network connection, below the list marked "This connection uses the following items:", click "Install...".
      •      In the "Select Network Component Type" dialog, select "Client", then click "Add...".
      •      In the "Select Network Client" dialog, select "Client for Microsoft Networks", then click "OK.
      •      In the Connection Properties dialog, click OK.
      4.      Reboot the computer.
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