Word 2003 to 2010, normal.dot.dot Migration

Morning All,
      I am looking to move a template from word 2003 to 2010.  This tamplate should place a drop down box in the doc once they type Policy No.

have looked at a few of the online solutions for moving both the dot.dot file but they also notes that macros need to be saved and moved as well. This part of the move is causing issues as i am unable to find the macro (if any).

Does any one have Stupid person instructions i might be able to follow.

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Colleen KayterConnect With a Mentor 4D AssetsCommented:
Graham is correct about 2010 requiring the .dotm file type for macro-enabled templates.

Here's the "stupid person" method (that would be me too, I'm a Word user, not a programmer):

1. Now that you have a shiny, new 2010 normal template, save as macro-enabled template.

2. With your new normal.dotm open, go to the Developer tab (if you can't see it, right click in the ribbon area, customize the ribbon, and put a check in the checkbox for Developer tab).

3. Click on the Document Template icon and then click the Organizer button at the bottom of the dialog box. Your normal.dotm should appear on the left and nothing in the right pane.

4. Click Open File... and select Templates at the top of the left navigation pane, then Word Templates as the file type. Navigate to your original 2003 normal.dot and choose that.

5. Go to the Macro Project Tab in the Organizer dialog box. Select the macros in the normal.dot (right pane) and copy them to the normal.dotm file.

6. Close the dialog box, save the normal.dotm and you're done.


1. If you've created the normal.dotm file, make a copy of it before trying this.

2. Navigate to your old 2003 normal.dot and open that in Word.

3. Save as normal.dotm, macro-enabled template.
GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
From your description of what it does, it is possible that macros are involved.

They could be in the document's template, the Normal template or another global template (in the Startup folder).

The Normal template file name in Word 2003 is Normal.dot and in Word 2010 it is Normal.dotm.

You can copy macro modules in the VBA IDE. Open the two templates in as documents in Word. Switch to the  IDE with Alt + F11.

The projects for the templates should be visible in the top left-hand pane. Open the project trees with the plus button on the left of each project. The code will be under Modules and/or Forms. You can copy individual modules/ forms by dragging from one template to another.
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Thanks, ill take a look
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