Add new virtual Exchange 2010 SP1 server to child Domain and Remove current physical exchange 2010 server (uninstall);

Hi everyone,

I need to test these steps on my lab environment before implement them in production environment:

1.      Add new virtual Exchange 2010 SP1 Server to my child Domain;
2.      Remove Current physical exchange 2010 server (uninstall);
3.      Migrate the virtual exchange server to new ESX build on the physical machine of the current exchange (here, the migration will be done with Vsphere center server once I will add the new ESX on it. The Hard disks of the new virtual exchange are stored already on Equalogic Volume so during migration I will move only the server and not the hard disks  witch I will leave them on the Equalogic Volume. (so this part is easy).
Until now: I installed the second exchange server 2010 with SP1 (on virtual) and move all the mailboxes to the new virtual exchange server.
After I moved mailboxes the outlook client are still looking for the old exchange server name. They will not be connected to the new exchange until I will switch manually to the new server on Control Panel >Mail > email Account > Microsoft Exchange server > NewServerName. (There is any setting for auto-discovery process for the outlook clients to be redirected automatically to the new exchange server?)
Basically I have some organization forms, public folder, exchange certificate (for owa) that I will need to move them to the new exchange.
Can anyone give me an advice regarding the main steps for installing the new exchange and removing the old exchange from organization (child domain)? On Production the new exchange will serve around 100 users mailboxes.

Thanks everyone in advance,
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Sushil SonawaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To change exchange server name. for outlook client

Please refer below link this might be help you.

Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If you had deployed an RPC CAS Array this would be easy, just change the DNS entry. If you haven't deployed an RPC CAS array then I suggest that you do.

If the Exchange server the clients are using goes away completely, so is uninstalled and dropped from the domain, then Autodiscover SHOULD kick in and direct the users to the correct place. Believe it or not, that is Microsoft's answer to this issue. You cannot test it though, as it requires the old server to be gone and if it doesn't work you have to touch all of the clients.

I would also suggest that you install Exchange 2010 SP2 with the latest rollup, rather than SP1.

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