How to fetch the data on DataGridView of a column containing textbox.

I am working on Vb.NEt Windows Form.
I added DataGridView, then added 2 textboxes, first one was names as txtitemcode and second one was given the name txtitemname.

I want when the user enters the itemcode in the box, the second column should fetch itemname.

So my question is how to refer to that cell so that i can bind the data
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searchsanjaysharmaAuthor Commented:
No i want to achieve the following.
The moment i enter itemcode, and press enter all details pertaining to that item,code
should appear in subsequent cells in the same row.
If grid is bound to datatable/set then apply filter on that using DataView

dTable.DefaultView.Filter = "ItemCode=" & txtItemCode.Text

If dTable.DefaultView.Count = 1 Then
   txtItemName = dTable.DefaultView.Item(0).Item("Name")
End If

dTable.DefaultView.Filter = ""
searchsanjaysharmaAuthor Commented:
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