Domain field changes to local machine after re-login

Hi Windows Experts,

I got some issues with my customer's VM's right now (windows xp), when I tried to login using domain credential (username, password, domain), then after a few minutes and session timeouts the screensaver kicks in which I find normal, but when I try to re-login to input my domain credential the domain field changes to Local Machine instead of the domain.

Although users can still re-login by changing it back or choosing the right domain.

But is there any registry or group policy is taking effect on this? which part should i look for to find the root cause? And how do I force it to make it default to use the domain instead of local machine?
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Krzysztof PytkoConnect With a Mentor Senior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Check these keys in registry if there is no local machine defined





SandManAuthor Commented:
Thanks for helping Krzyztof
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