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We have a client who's broadband is with AOL we are in the process of leaving them to go to BT infinity however the user has an e-mail address.  We want to double check that after they leave AOL they can still access their AOL e-mail account.  I have found it stating that they will be able to access it on their webpage but I want to be 100% sure so want to e-mail their support to get it in writing.

I cannot find the support e-mail address. When I click on the e-mail support link it asks me to sign in with an AOL account.  We do not have an AOL account and I do not know the clients details.

Does anyone know the support e-mail address?

Thank you
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jsdrayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As long as the account is valid, the client can access via web browser... but here's a way to contact the support at AOL:
AOL Support
afflik1923Author Commented:
I contacted AOL support using the link provided and received the information I was after.

Thank you
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