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VBA Sub to add, to each line, in a Word 2010 Document

I would like to be to have, in an active document, a statement added at the beginining of every line, regardless of whether there are Tabs or spaces. Then at the end of each line, deleting a "," adding a space, and then adding a ' " '.

sQuery = sQuery & ", SCOLOAN.SEGMENT as SEGMENT_ID  "
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1 Solution
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
You can do this without any code.

1) Use Find/Replace to find:

,_^p                       <--- use space instead of the underscore shown

and replace that with:


Repeat until no more instances are found.

2) Now, use Find/Replace to find:


and replace with:

_"^psQuery = sQuery & ",_                <--- use spaces instead of the underscores shown

3) You will probably have to manually adjust the very first and very last lines in the file.
Cook09Author Commented:
Attached is a file that has the recommendations performed.  The other aspect is that this could be performed on serveral queries over time, and something a liitle automated might be better, given how this turned out.  The format is at it is to be sent the SQL Server, or very close to it, I just changed the names.  

Below the end result, is a copy of the raw data in which I stripped a lot, but not all, of the nonprintable characters from the beginning.
Cook09Author Commented:
Come to find out, after the others, that I must have done something incorrect with this one, because it does work.  Should have done more beta with it.

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