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Changing workstation time zone in a 2003 Domain

I have a situation that I have a couple people working in the central time zone, logging in to a server either through RDP or Citrix in the eastern time zone to use a proprietary program run on the servers in the Eastern time zone that requires an accurate time stamp. For specific corporate reasons, the people working in the central time zone need to maintain their client machines with the central time zone time stamp.

So is there a way either through active directory or through group policies that we can change the time stamp of the client while logged in to our server by adding an hour?

Hope this is clear.

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When the users RDP do they not run the application using the date/time configuration of the eastern based RDP server?
Not sure about the Citrix tie in.

This should be part of the application where it uses the server's time stamp versus relying on the client's while assuming the TImezone is that of the server.

Do you use application publishing?

Provided the users in central time zone have the right to alter the date/time settings. You could provide them a script that will alter their local timezone and then revert it back after their session is complete.

There are ways to code the application to check the timezone of the system on which they are running and adjust/correctly relay the date/time information. I.e. report in GMT/UTC format. Then each client converts the time stamps based on the time zone in which they are ran.
If they are using Citrix, the timestamping should be correct already.  Out of the box Citrix automatically converts the timezone to the client's timezone and the stamping should be accurate.

bearcoAuthor Commented:

Thanks, our client machines are using citrix to sign in, but we need to have the time stamp be the time stamp of the server. Is there a way to change that in citrix?

bearcoAuthor Commented:
It wasn't the exact solution, but led very quickly to it. Citrix does control the time stamp. The default is to have the time stamp of the client computer. But, you can change the default to use the time stamp of the server under the Management Console/Policies/User Workspace/Time zones. Just change it to not use the clients local time.


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