Setup VLANS on two switches

I have two Cisco SLM224PT switches that I need to setup two VLANS between. Here is my setup.
Switch A is on the bottom floor of a building with network 192.168.1.x connected to G1 port and 192.168.2.x connected to G2 port. The switch is setup with ports 1-12 on VLAN 1 which is 192.168.1.x and ports 13-23 on VLAN 2 two 192.168.2.x. Port 24 is setup for a trunk and tagging is cut on. Port 24 is then connected to the second floor switch B to the G1 port.
Switch B is setup for 1-12 VLAN 1 and port 13-24 VLAN2. Port G1 is tagged and set for trunk.
On switch A all works as it should with both VLANS but on switch B only VLAN 2 works. I know I am missing something just can’t find it. Any suggestions?

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resdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just an update for all who answered.. After all the looking I ran show cdp neighbor command and found the port was different. After inspecting the cables, they were label wrong as to where they were going. Corrected that and the vlans worked. The switch was doing just as I asked I just had the wrong port!! Sometimes the sipmle things just bite you.

Nathan KaufmanCommented:
interface fe/24 (or whatever interface is setup for trunks on either switch)
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-2

Should be setup on both switches trunking ports.  Not sure if that's done or not for the 2nd switch.  You can do Console> (enable) show trunk to see if both trunks are setup to allow both vlans, I would run that on both switches
resdAuthor Commented:

The problem is the SLM224 does not have a serial console port and does not support telnet. The only way to configure these are through the GUI.

While your answer would normally might work, it does not on these switches.

SO in the gui, Check port 24 on switch A.  Verify it is set to 802.1Q, allowed vlans should be 1,2 and native vlan should be 1.

DO the same thing on Switch B for port G1.  They should be set identically.
resdAuthor Commented:
Show others how maybe a simple command is very powerfull to show what is connected where. Don't always trust what's labeled.
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