VM Workstation 8 upgrade - multiple monitors problem

Host - windows 7 64 bit 16 GB Ram
VM Workstation 8
VM 1 - Windows 7 64 bit - 1 CPU - 4 GB RAM - 300 GB HD
VM 2 - Windows 7 64 bit - 1 CPU - 4 GB RAM - 80 GB HD

In Workstation 7, I had the 3 monitors and both VM's worked beautifully across all three monitors.  When I would start the VM's up, I would use the cycle monitors button till it showed on all three and life was good...
I upgraded the two VM's from Workstation 7 to Workstation 8.  Strangely enough... VM 2 still works the same way on the three monitors and life is the same.  VM 1, configured identically, will only use one monitor.  If I look at the screen resolution, it shows three monitors, it knows the correct size and location of them, but if you cycle multiple monitors, it will only show in one monitor.  They are both configured to use the host setting for monitors.

I have installed, reinstalled VMTools, checked log and config files and i can't really see anything different when it comes to the displays.  What am I missing? This is driving me nuts!

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DonnaOsburnAuthor Commented:
I finally got this resolved.  I spent NINE MONTHS working with VMWare support.  I had a laptop with two monitors (one off the docking station monitor and one on a USB off the docking station using a DisplayLink Graphic Adapter.  The VM that was running on the three monitors at the time I upgraded from 7 to 8, the VM upgrade changed the registry settings for the adapter... After finally sending VM a physical copy of my VM and having their engineers find the issue, the fix was a simple uninstall the DisplayLink Adapter and reinstall it on the Host - not the VM's.

So - I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling video drivers.

And although it took a long time, i appreciate VMWare for working with me to solve the problem.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried VMware Workstation 9.0 ?
DonnaOsburnAuthor Commented:
No, I have not.  
For another $119 I can upgrade to 9.  But I would like to see if I can't figure it out on Workstation 8 before I spend more money.
I'm having a similar problem with 9. :(
DonnaOsburnAuthor Commented:
I wish there was a way not to give the points... Since VMWare fixed the issue.
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