Upgrade AD 2000/2003 to AD 2008 across multiple forests and domains

Hello All

I would like to come up with a basic plan or design to upgrade two forests , one with only one domain and the other with four domains to AD 2008. The single forest- single domain is running on AD 2003 at forest and domain level and ADPREP has already been run on it and an active Server 2008 R2 (Writable DC) in it. The other Forest with four domains is in quite primitive state with AD 2000 forest and domain level.

We have a two way forest level trust relationship in place. Can someone provide me with some ideas to how to proceed with this project. Also to note is that the forest with four domains has 10 domain controllers at different geographical sites across the world.

Please provide your best recommendations.

Thanks and have a good day.
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Nathan KaufmanCommented:
I found an article that should be useful for what you want and provides step by step instructions.  There are a few grey areas, but I'd recommend testing this out in a LAB if possible before doing it on production.  And make sure everything is backed up.  I mean everything, the AD database, DNS zones, Firewall settings, etc...

srinivaskakumanuAuthor Commented:
May be I asked too much.

How about upgrading AD 2000 to AD 2008, how can that be done in the best possible way?
srinivaskakumanuAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Good article.
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