Server Dual homed When connect to web cant get access

I have a server dual homed plugged into one of them but i cant get out tinto the internet.. what should I be checking to see why I cannot get Internet access?
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Why dual homed? You can probably get better performance of a single nic and most likely don't need the second nic.

Having two nics can screw up the arp table on the computer and cause all sorts of issues on a server.
I assume you are talking about two nics on the same server? If so, make sure only one of them has a Default Gateway set on it in the TCPIP settings. Also, make sure your DNS settings in the TCPIP settings are correct. If they are pointed to invalid DNS servers, you will not be able to get out. Finally, if you have a proxy server in your environment, make sure your Internet Explorer is set up to use the proxy.

If none of these, please supply more detailed info on your setup.
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