Server Folder Permissions

I need step by step instructions for setting up folder permissions on our server (MS Exchange 2007)

I have a file on our server called Technology that houses all of our important info such as how to's, passwords, contracts, renewals, etc.  Only 3 employees should have access to this folder and all its files.  So that I don't have to password protect each file, how do I allow only these three users to access it in turn locking the rest of the employees out of it.
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Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

I assumed you are refering to only Folder permission and not EXH PUBLIC FOLDER
i would suggest to spare few minutes and read WHAT MICROSOFT RECOMENDS on the same,

Best practices for permissions and user rights:


Best practices for Shared Folders:

i would suggets below;

1) Logon to your DC, and create two Groups
a----Domain Local Group  DL_Modify_Tech
b----Global Group G_Modify_Tech
c----Click on Global Group and Go to Member of and add DL_Modify_Tech
4---Click on Global Group and Go to Members and add all three users you ask in question

2) logon to server where folder exist
a------Right Click Take Folder Properies>Sharing>Advance Sharing
b------Click on share this folder
c-------Click on permissoons--->
UNCHECK------Everyone from the list
ADD-----> type DL_Modify_Tech and click check names.. you will find DL_Modify_Tech group, click ok and finish
now on permission TAB, click on Read and Change.......ok ok

3)Right Click Take Folder Properies>Security TAB
click on DL_Modify_Tech and click ADVANCED ,,, NOw click on DL_Modify_Tech and click change permission.....

Now you can assign any persmion you want....

in case you are refering to Exchange, you can read below kb
Hi mltardif,

Do you use public folder, this is it?
mltardifAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry but I don't know what that means.
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Justin YeungSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
create a shared folder, change the shared permission to full permission to the 3 users.

and edit the NTFS permission, click securtiy -->advanced -> uncheck inherited.

remove all users within the permission and add only that 3 users to have either full control or whatever permisison you want to have.
Hi mltardif,

You have to clarify this. You say you are using MS Exchange 2007. Do you need to setup this folder in your Exchange structure (hence a "Public Folder") or do you just want a filesystem folder (as in directory) on your server. If the latter MS Exchange is not your OS, it'll be probably Windows 2008 or 2011 (SBS)

Both are different things......

mltardifAuthor Commented:
This was the most comprehensive and easy to understand response.
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:
Thanks for nice comments :)
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