Create an old iron-on look in Photoshop

Most people are familiar with what an iron-on transfer looks like after it's been washed many times.  There's a kind of "classic" look to old iron-on transfers that is kind of cracked, even though it's all still there on the surface of your well-worn and comfortable t-shirt.

My question: How can I realistically re-create that look-and-feel on an image in Photoshop?
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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a very good, very detailed tutorial that covers the process step-by-step. It also does not require you to have Photoshop and it has a section that directs you to commercial filters that you can buy (but of course, you don't want to do that, do you) just in case you are looking for an easy way out.

If this doesn't do the trick for you here is a collection of ten different Photoshop tutorials that cover the same subject.

If these do not work for you, or you get stuck on a step, let us know.
swpa_wntAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both.
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