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I have a SQL server database that only has an internal IP address and the server does not face the outside; it is not NATed to a public IP address for security reasons.  I have a client that wants to connect to a view on the database through an ODBC connection on his end.  

I tried setting up a linked server with a SQL database that does face the outside, but not sure if I could create some sort of a tunnel that way.

All that I need is for this client to be able to connect via an ODBC connection to a view on an Internal database.  Is there a possible way to do this?
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Kyle AbrahamsConnect With a Mentor Senior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Sure it's possible.

some pitfalls for 64 bit:

By tunnel I thought you meant the security consideration.  Once you link the internet facing SQL server to the internal sql server you open up that hole for EVERYONE.  Sure they still need a username and password, but is this something you really want to do?

Alternatively . . . another suggestion is to use logmein or some other 3rd party remote desktop sharing app that can run in the background.  This will give the user access to the PC over the web (or using an app depending on the client) and will simulate a VPN without fully establishing one.  All you need is a spare pc/laptop on your private network for this.

Note the platforms used (EG: visual studios or management studio) will need to be installed on the "host" desktop (the one being connected to from the outside world) but IMO it's still a lot better than allowing anyone to connect to an internal database.  

Last resort:   What about moving the database in question to the outside world.  Since you're going to be granting access anyway . . . you can take a backup and restore it on the internet SQL server and have everyone connect to that.  Has none of the risks of opening up the rest of the server while still granting access.

Just some other thoughts and work arounds.  Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other questions.
Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
You could definitely create a tunnel by doing that.

If they need to view it real time better to set them up with a VPN and give them access that way.

If it's a one time thing give them a backup or a data dump of what they need to see.
W2MarketAuthor Commented:
A VPN would be great but that's out of the question and its not a one time thing either.  If I were able to create a tunnel though, I am unsure on how to do that, please elaborate.
W2MarketAuthor Commented:
Let me rephrase this.  Is it possible to setup an ODBC connection to a Linked Server?
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