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Ok, I am researching on starting a project to use 10 old pcs to allow a lab to connect to Remote desktop session to access only the internet and a few other applications (word, excel, games). where would you all suggest i start (best practice). I understand the many variations to virtual pcs, but I do not have the infrastructure for that at the moment.
Goal: have users login to domain on old pcs, remote access to remote desktop session via server and access to internet, word, games, etc. Thanks,
GrizNation23IT DirectorAsked:
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Let's say, the technic is the same like with your server...
But users have a profile, either they get is as roaming profile stored on a (fifferent) server like a DC, or the default profile on the terminal server is copied for each new user.

If you do not use roaming profiles, you can change any profile from an admin acoount on the local machine.

But in fact, as terminal server user should not allowed to use everything on a terminal server, there maybe some additional work to shutdown the machines, meens to decide, what the users are allowed to do and to use.

For a simple solution it is just enough to install the software and to allow the users to logon this machine via RDP
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
So you setup a server, install remote desktop services, add the necessary client access licences and then let these legacy computers use remote desktop to do whatever.

you don't need virtual machines
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
OIC. So user logins the old pc, clicks on the RD icon on desktop, logs in again, then can do what ever i allow to be used from session? Is this session similar to how i log into my servers remotely or is this a session that will only allow users to view icons available to them and not looking at a desktop? Or are these specifications i have to decide on and set?
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
thank you very precise and clear. did install and logged in via rdp. now getting locked down for each profile. It Works!!! :) thank you,
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