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network monitoring

Hi I am trying to deploy a network monitoring system that will monitor bw utilization on about 50 cisco equipment (router/switches). I am thinking of using MRTG, but our company is also planning on monitoring serveral servers in the next several months. Does anyone have any free open source recommendations for a monitoring system?
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I personally haven't used this piece of software but some IT professionals have been raving on about it. It's called Spiceworks. I've attached a link to download it.


Hope that helps.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
It also depends a little on what you want to monitor. MTRG is pretty decent. You might also consider Cacti for utilization monitoring, it's pretty easy to setup and add devices. If you're more inclined to use NetFlow, Solarwinds has a nice NetFlow Analyzer that's free

I'd also suggest looking at more flexible tools like Nagios that can allow you to monitor SNMP traps and alarm on things like interfaces going down.
Nathan KaufmanCommented:
If you're looking at Free than Nagios, like rpalmeira22 suggested is good.  Our company however is moving away from Nagios, mainly because it doesn't do what we want for monitoring Windows servers.  I'm sure we could get it to do what we want if we had the time and resources available to customize SNMP traps, but we are moving to something else.  Two options being considered are IT360 and N-able.  These however are not Free...


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ShadowColossusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the inforrmation, I have also considered using Nagios and leaning towards Cacti. Right now we are just going to monitor interface utilization but in the future we do want to expand in monitoring server performance (like cpu, hardrive, memory). I know Nagios could do those too but I think Nagios might be overkill.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
If you're looking at utilization, Cacti is the quick choice. I'd also urge you to look at various NetFlow tools assuming you can enable it across your network and setup a decent collector, the analysis you can do on NetFlow data is nicer in the long run and can help you later in pinning down traffic / performance issues
seconding rpalmeira22.

For utilization, Cacti first.  Cacti is fast, free, not too resource hungry, and has a huge open source crowd following.

Netflow is great because it knows what the traffic is (HTTP, SMB, VOIP etc) , but can be heavy on disk usage and processing.  Personally, I get cacti to poll *everything active*, and then I turn on netflow on interfaces when I need to do a deeper analysis.
ShadowColossusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice guys. I decided to use cacti.

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