Cannot access intranet web page using port 95

MAC Safari cannot access intranet web page because it's using port 95. In Firefox, I can override port 95 and it works fine.


In Safari I get this message:

"Not allowed to use restricted network port"
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Then put safari into developer:

Drop into terminal and:

sudo defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

This should open safari up a bit for you! Furthermore, I'd also look at the firewall as 95 isnt open actively so I'd make sure that it's allowed. (this is the FW build into OSX)
Matt VCommented:
This is a known bug with Safari being overly secure and blocking known virus ports:
Not sure why you would use that port for an intranet page with so many other standard ports....

.....but the likely reason it's getting blocked in Safari is because it's a known REMOTE LOGIN port.  "SUPDUP", and is a registered port number for that use....  

"The SUPDUP protocol (TCP port 95) provides for login to a remote system over a network with terminal-independent output, so that only the local system need know how to handle the user's terminal. It offers facilities for graphics and for local assistance to remote text editors. This memo contains a complete description of the SUPDUP protocol in fullest possible detail."

Safari may be aware of this and they have hard-code blocked it....  I don't use Safari, so I don't know if there is a way to override it.
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