Printing Stops When Selecting Large Number of Outlook Email Messages

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I have a client who INSISTS on printing her Outlook email every month in 2 batches, one batch for the first 1/2 of the month and another batch for the second 1/2.  I cannot make her change this process. She used to be able to perform this process with no problems.

Now, when she tries to print 1/2 month of email it generally stops printing after only 20% of the emails are printed.

She is using the same network, notebook and printer.  I've tried on various printers and that doesn't fix it.  We've tried in different physical locations on the same domain.

She has a Windows 7 notebook with Office 2007
Her assistant has an XP PC with Office 2003 and both stop printing before finished.
Today both were trying to print 142 emails - she says prior to September 2012 she could print many more emails than 142 at one time.

I CAN print the 142 emails in smaller batches, but this is NOT acceptable to the user.

What could be causing this?

Thank you
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This is going to have to do with the individual printer, and not likely outlook
Especially since you can replicate this on another machine using another version of outlook

It all comes down to the amount of data the Printer can Cache before printing
If it gets too full to quickly before printing out it could stop responding

Of course could also be a bottle neck in the network when printing to the Printer

Can you try printing to another printer that has alot more memory than the one your printing to?

Can you also try connecting a printer locally for the user and seeing if they all print out


Thank you --

I see what you are saying, but they insist it used to work on the same printer, and now it doesn't.  

We have tried sending to a network copier/printer that has a more memory and it stops at the exact same spot each time...

We have also sent the print job on 2 different networks and both networks are able to print large documents from both Adobe and Word.

I have not tried a local printer yet as the firm doesn't have any printers to spare to hook up locally.

No one else in this 100+ firm has printing problems
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Something else you could try

Check to see if the users have cached exchange mode on under account settings
What ever its set at, reverse the setting then try agian

Also close outlook and reopen using
start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Now try printing them here
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1. I found that the legal assistant has Outlook 2007 too
2. When printed out of Outlook 2003 - all emails printed
3. By process of elimination, I found that removing 5 emails (that print right before and after where it was stopping) from the selection let Outlook 2007 print the remaining large batch OK.

So I suppose there is some corruption in one or more of those 5 emails.

Thanks for your help -


Although the suggestions didn't fix it - I appreciate your help
Top Expert 2012


Glad you got it sorted

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