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data type mismatch error when refer to Excel cell using variables

I have a for loop to go through the rows of a Excel sheet. If I refer to a cell like this:

If objXLBook.ActiveSheet.Range("a1").Value = TextToSearch Then
end if

If I do the same statement using variables for the A and 1 address of cell, I get a data type mismatch error. I have done coding like this before and never had any problems. maybe I am missing or forgetting something??? My code is below

Dim rownum as integer
dim colNum as string
Rownum = 1
colNum = "a"

If objXLBook.ActiveSheet.Range(colNum + rownum).Value = TextToSearch Then
end if
1 Solution
NorieData ProcessorCommented:
Replace + with &.
LeLeBrownAuthor Commented:
That Worked.

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